Sitecore Module – Delete Multiple Items

Delete Multiple Items – A module for Content Authors to Delete Multiple Items.

Sitecore 7.0 Sheer UI – ASPX Application
Sitecore 8.2 Speak UI

A Module for deleting Multiple Sitecore Items. This application was built first as an ASPX page (You can access it with /sitecore/admin/DeleteMultipleItems/DeleteMultipleItems.aspx), then provided an option in Sitecore Start Menu which can be used as an application as shown in screenshot. After that I learnt and explored Speak application via Knockout JS and then built a new application based on SPEAK UI which can run on Sitecore 8.2. Download the package based on the Sitecore version in which you are going to install.

Download it from Sitecore Marketplace

Documentation: GitHub

Source Code: GitHub

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Sitecore Module – Sitecore Child Item Count

Sitecore Child Item Count Module is for getting the child item of the selected item in Content Editor. It also provide an option to specify the template id of child item, if you want to fetch the items of any specific template. It works based on the index. It also check the current Language. If your current selected language is Japanese and if the child item doesn’t exist with Japanese language version than it won’t include in child count.

For more information: Documentation

Download it from – Sitecore Marketplace

Source Code: GitHub