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Hello Folks,I worked on Sitecore – Windows Store App couple of months ago. Today I got time from the busy schedule to share Store application with you.

This application isn’t published on Windows Store. But have plans to submit in Windows Store once Initial Phase is completed.

This application requires Item Web API to be enabled in your Sitecore Site.

It is built with C# in Visual Studio 2013.

It is created with C# – Store Apps (Universal Apps). I started with Blank App.

It will list the Sitecore Content Tree of a Site which you’ll need to provide. [Note: Sitecore Item Web API must be enabled]

I have provided the default credentials in code i.e. “sitecoreadmin” – [In future updates i’ll provide an option to enter credentials in Home Screen]

It won’t allow you to save any changes. [If you are developer and would like to contribute please clone and start contributing — Thanks!]

Download App:

GitHub Site:



If you have any question feel free to raise it.

Happy Coding! 🙂


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